12 years old
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About me!

I am Kiera Neeley I am 11 almost 12 I’m very fun ,quick witted,I like to spend time with my friends and family,And I also like to stay very active with cheer, tumbling.I love to model and act and do a lot of pageants I hav already walked the runway once and it’s really fun.I have been bullied for a little while and I want to change the image of how people change the view of bigger kids like me and I want to show everyone older maybe with younger that size does not matter

Why I’d make a great Fashion Hero Kid!

I love there motto of wanting to change the way of seeing modeling that you don’t have to be super skinny really tall and perfect skin to do it.

My message for kids around the world

All these beauty standards are getting out of hand when I would tell my friends at school they would all think I’m lieing and saying that models have to be skinny and 6 foot.I just want to say don’t let anyone get you down because it happens to me but I pushed my self back up and now I’m confident and I think everyone is beutiful inside and out and as long as your healthy there is no need to change.

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