Ibrahim Abees
9 years old
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About me!

I am a 10 year old passionate dancer, who loves to draw and keen in papar Origamy. I love skatigand hoola hoops. Acuring knowledge and quizzing is my favpurite and traveling the world is my dream

Why I’d make a great Fashion Hero Kid!

To be a rockstar is my everyday dream, not just a dancer or a singer but to excell in art field as a whole. Fashion Hero kid is the best platform I would get to the walk to the path I always want.

My message for kids around the world

Hi my fellow new generation, always enjoy each moment of yours and make it memorable moments of life, utilise your time and skills in such a way that you should remember ypur childhood as the best part of yours life. Enjoy and engage ypur childhood because this is the only age without responaibilities. Be that KID which YOU are! Never copy any one , because, you are amazing.

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