16 years old
About me!

My name is Channing, I am 13 years old and I am from a small town! I have won awards in the science fair and 4-h, and have been inducted into the national honor society. I created a platform feet across the earth to spread awareness about our environment footprint.

Why I’d make a great Fashion Hero Kid!

It would be an honor to be a fashion hero to show kids it’s okay to be themselves! I have tried to be involved In fashion and modeling since I was 4. I have seen the trends that have gone from little to no makeup to full glam. I would like to help get it back to the days of little makeup, because we only get to be kids for so long! And the way social media portrays beauty and puts so much pressure on young girls and adults to look older, we need to slow down. But we must also show society it’s okay for kids to just be themselves.

My message for kids around the world

No matter what nationality, age, size, what small town you’re from, or any setbacks you may have, never let that define you! We can all achieve our dreams with the right opportunities! If we want something in life, we must work hard to achieve our dreams. Never give up!

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