Benita Tricia
12 years old
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About me!

Hi!I'm Tricia I'm 12 and I've always wanted to be a famous actress because since I' m little I always watched disneychannel and nickelodeon and wished I could be an actress in one of my favorite series there. I love singing and dancing more than any thing in my life and I know I'm good at it and I also think that being an actress will help me show those talents to the world and be known and finally make my dream of being famous become reality eventhough I know I'm probably gonna get really shy infront of the camera but of course I've gotta get used to not fear the camera because that's something I need to become a good actress. Since the chance is here to accomplish my dream I'm gonna do whatever it takes to grasp this opportunity you're giving me. Vote for me so I can get to my dream😉😘

Why I’d make a great Fashion Hero Kid!

I would like to become a fashion hero kid to make my dream come true but also to be an example to other kids all around the world who also have dreams like me and have the opportunity to achieve it but are hesitating too much, because I think they only need some confidence to grasp that opportunity and be what they've always dreamed to be,so if I can be some sort of source of confidence or an example for them because everyone deserves to achieve their dreams and fear of not winning isn't a reason to not try. I just want to show them that it is possible even if you don't win from the first try but keep fighting and you'll get to your objective so there is no reason to breakdown your head fearing to not make it with the first try.

My message for kids around the world

I would like to encourage all the kids around the world to pursue their dreams and be what they want to be, to work hard for success and do whatever it takes to achieve their goals in life. NO GIVING UP!

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