Emiratos Árabes Unidos
11 años de edad
About me!

I am Canadian Born and live in Lovely city of Dubai, UAE, 10 years old, I love to be Scientist in the future, Like every other girl in my age I have so many hobbies and dreams But above all my other hobbies and dreams I love singing, Acting and modeling

Why I’d make a great Fashion Hero Kid!

I believe and thank my God because he blessed me with so much of Inspiration, I inspire my friends in my church, school and anywhere else I go, my reason of choosing FASHION HERO KID is to achive my dream and as of my nature I love to inspire other dreamers same as myself ✨️ 💖

My message for kids around the world

Believe in your God's blessings, Believe and be proud of yourself, Believe if others did you can do as well, and always no matter what be HAPPY 😊 and LOVE yourself so you know how to LOVE others 💖

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